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The name of the Club will be The Sporting Lucas Terrier Club’. 

The term ‘Sporting is defined as the pursuit of any legal quarry using the Sporting Lucas Terrier.

The aim of the Club is to promote the Sporting Lucas Terrier as a working terrier & as a pet & ,within the constitution of the Club, encourage the breeding of healthy ,active terriers of a size & type determined by the Club.

The Sporting Lucas Terrier Club will not be held responsible for the wrongful actions or discreditable conduct on the part of any Club member. The Club shall not be liable for any damage to livestock , crops or other property, or injury to any person caused by any member or that member’s terrier.

All Club members must at all times only work their terriers on land where they have lawful authority to be and to carry out lawful terrier work. Any member who is determined to be poaching or trespassing on land that the member does not have permission or lawful authority to be on will not be afforded any help or support from The Sporting Lucas Terrier Club or any member.

The sum of £100 from Club funds may be available to any member on request for the funding of a terrier rescue operation.

An application to become a member of Sporting Lucas Terrier Club must be made in writing to the Membership Secretary and must be supported by at least one member of the Club. In all cases where a person is accepted as a member of The Sporting Lucas Terrier Club & it is later determined that he or she is a person who the Club committee regards as being unsuitable to be or remain a member of the Club for any reason that membership may be terminated by the Club committee. In such cases any membership fee paid for that year will be refunded & the membership cancelled.

Any member who is convicted by a court under the following Act of Parliament will be dismissed from the Club & their annual membership will not be refunded by the Club:

  • Protection of Badgers Act 1973.

  • Protection of Animals Act 1911 England & 1912 Scotland.

Members must report to the Breed Registrar any known serious physical or mental defects identified in their registered Sporting Lucas Terrier that may be regarded by by the Breed Registrar or Club committee as being likely to determine whether the terrier is suitable for breeding. The Club seeks to breed only from sound & healthy Sporting Lucas Terriers or any Club approved type of terrier as may be approved by the Club for out crossing with the Sporting Lucas Terrier, & does not encourage members to breed from terriers with known defects or an unsteady temperament.

In having this rule the Club seeks to prevent the breeding of terriers by members with known defects & to prevent Club members & prospective Club members from acquiring potentially unsound puppies from breeders within the Club.

The Sporting Lucas Terrier Club is strongly opposed to excessive breeding & the commercial breeding of Sporting Lucas Tethers by any member. No terrier bitch registered with the Club shall have more than one litter in any 12 months period. Where a bitch was unintentionally mated within the said 12 months period , resulting in pups , the member may apply , in writing , to the Breed Registrar requesting that consideration given to allow the registration of those pups. Members should be aware that such applications are likely to be refused by the Breed Registrar.

Where the Breed Registrar allows the registration of pups under those circumstances the Registrar should warn the breeder that if this occurs again , the resulting pups will definitely not be registered by the Registrar & that following the second accidental mating the member may have his or her membership withdrawn by the Club committee.

Bitches must not be intentionally mated under the age of 18months. Dogs should not be mated under the age of 18 months. 


Where a bitch is unintentionally mated under the age of 18 months the member may make a written application to the Breed Registrar to ask the Registrar to consider, consider the application . The Registrar may choose to bring the matter to the attention of the Club committee for consideration who may advise the Registrar that it is the view of the committee that the pups can be registered.

However the principle of not registering pups bred from dogs & bitches under 18 months will generally be upheld by the Club committee.

In the case of male terriers pups should not be bred from a dog over 10 years old & usually pups bred from a dog over 10 years old will not be allowed registration with The Sporting Lucas Tether Club. In exceptional circumstances the Club committee may approve the use of a stud dog over 10 years old if there are special reasons for this approval being given & the offspring under those circumstances may be registered.

Only a Club member can apply to register a terrier as Sporting Lucas Terrier. Any person who owns a registered Sporting Lucas Tether but is not a member of The Lucas Tether Club cannot register the offspring of the tether . Where a member seeks to mate that tether to another Sporting Lucas Tether the member should ensure that the owner of the other Sporting Lucas Terrier is a member of the Club & that the other terrier is correctly registered with the Club. If the other party is not a member of The Sporting Lucas Terrier Club the offspring will not be able to be liable for registration as Sporting Lucas Terriers.

Rule 13 does not apply in relation to any approved out crossing of a Sporting Lucas Terrier to another type of terrier as may be approved by the Club committee.

Where a Sporting Lucas Terrier is mated to another breed or type of terrier that may be agreed & approved by the Club committee ie. The Sealyham or the Norfolk Terrier the Club rules in respect of the breeding ages for dogs & bitches will apply. Where a Sporting Lucas Terrier is out-crossed to an approved type of terrier or breed Of terrier the Registrar will record the pedigree details of the out-cross terrier on the Breed Register and clearly show the information on the Club pedigree of the offspring & the pedigrees of subsequent offspring to show that this outcross mating was made.


In the case of out crossing to a pedigree Norfolk Terrier the resulting Pups will be registered as Hancock line Sporting Lucas Terriers & in the case of from any outcross to a pedigree Sealyham will be identified as Jocelyn line Sporting Lucas Terriers.

An outcross mating of a Sporting Lucas Terrier Club registered dog or bitch may be made to a KC.Reg. Norfolk Terrier, a KC.Reg. Sealyham Terrier or another registered Sporting lucas Terrier providing the outcross has a three generation pedigree. The offspring of a Norfolk or Sealyham mating shall not be mated back to a Norfolk or Sealyham for two subsequent generations so as to preserve the level of Sporting Lucas terrier blood in any progeny. Where it may become apparent that a dam or sire shows a serious identifiable defect or condition that may be deemed to be detrimental to the bred, the club committee reserve the right to no longer recognise the dog or bitch in question as being acceptable to club-register any offspring. Results of this rule change to be reviewed in March 2024.

At anytime the Sporting Lucas Terrier Club committee may withdraw the consent IQ allow out-crossing with any breed of terrier that has previously been given if j is decided , in the best interests of the Sporting Lucas Terrier , that future is unnecessary & out crossing to one or more types of terrier should cease.

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